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Portable Overhead Ceiling Mount Patient Lifts
by Human Care

Moving and positioning a dependant patient can be challenging and possibly unsafe for both patient and caregiver. Our series of ceiling lifts by Dana Douglas Human Care are not only portable but are easy to use. Offering flexible and safe patient lifting solutions, our ceiling lift and slings are ideal for hospitals as well as home care use. Lifting a patient without our superb patient lift system which is easily installed in any home or condo is dangerous for both caregiver and patient. Call today to discuss how we can install our patient lift system with one or multiple ceiling tracks in bedrooms, bathrooms or any other room you wish to make a safe transfer.

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The Roomer

Easy to use room-to-room function
Safe and comfortable

The new Human Care Roomer S overhead lift is a portable overhead lift that offers the possibility to transfer a patient from one room to another without making any modifications to doorways. With a Roomer S overhead lift the number of lifts required are minimized, thereby increasing the patientís safety. The Roomer S features an advanced technology platform, a unique telescoping hanger bar that can be adjusted to accommodate any patient and the lift can be used with either a 2, 3 or 4-point suspension. The weight capacity is 220 kg.

The HeliQ

Modern, discreet look that blends in any environment
Can be equipped with power traverse(motorized movement) and in-rail charging
Technology platform which makes it possible to measure the use of the lift

The new Human Care HeliQ fixed overhead lift features a modern, discreet look that blends in any environment. Its small size ensures the lift can easily be used in either institutional or home applications. The HeliQ has an advanced technology platform which makes it possible to measure the use and performance of the lift. The lift comes in three different models with three different weight capacities, 150 kg, 220 kg and 300 kg. It also allows a wide adjustment range with 2-point and 4-point hanger bars in different lengths to suit virtually any patient. The Human Care HeliQ can be equipped with power traverse(motorized movement) and in-rail charging.
Ceiling Track Patient Lift
Installations available in Toronto GTA Kitchener Vancouver Victoria BC

Makes transfer so easy and safe and comfortable.