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Automatic Door Opener ( Operators )
Commercial Model LN900

Commercial Door Openers
Operators Canada

Commercial door operator is
Compliant with ANSI 117/A156.19
and the Americans
with Disabilities Act (ADA).
power swing door opener
Free Standing Posts
Infrared Sensors
Proximity Sensors
Power Transfer Cables
Exit Watch Camera
swing door openers
power swing door opener


Reliable Design

    In manual mode, door opens with very little pressure and closes slowly providing easy operation for handicapped automatic door opening for elderly pedestrians

    Compact 5-3/4” x 5”  cross section

   Low current draw - less than 3 amp, 115 VAC, 1-phase

Microprocessor based control with multiple functions to suit your requirements

    Adjustable power door opening and closing speeds allow the door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian protection

    “Push-N-Go” feature provides easy automatic door operation for handicapped or elderly pedestrians and eliminates the cost of wall switches

    Recycle feature stops and reverses direction of handicap power opening door when an object is encountered for greater pedestrian protection

    Works with new or existing door frames

    Optional length headers for improved appearance

    Convenient sideload header

    Sideload header panel pivots up and locks into position, enabling the operator to be quickly installed or removed for easy servicing while allowing the automatic power door to remain in a closed position, eliminating the loss of energy from within the building

    OPMAN version available - single header for 2 doors with automatic operator in one side and a manual closer in the other

    Auxiliary sensing devices available

    Additional safety devices can be easily added to any handicap door opener

    All features, components and accessories meet ANSI 156.19 standards. They are also CSA and UL approved and comply with ANSI 117.1 and the Low Energy Door Operator section of ADA
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Washroom Kits

LN900 Commercial Door Operator
In Stock

Door Swing
$1395.00 Canadian
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The LN900 automatic door push button opener operates in both automatic and manual modes. It features a 2-60 second hold-open range and a “push-n-go” feature.The LN900 power door operator has a hydraulic back check that protects the door and mechanical operator from damage when forced open in windy conditions or when manually operated. In manual mode, the handicap door opener closes slowly upon release to enable passage. The LN900 with its hydraulic closer offers the flexibility to adjust the closing pressure as needed for specific site conditions.
Commercial Door Operator Kits
Door Swing
Commercial Kits Options:          
1. Operator with 2 6" round buttons
2. Operator with 2 6" round buttons and surface mount boxes for buttons.
3. Operator with 2 6" round buttons, surface mount button boxes and wireless buttons
Theses kits are FREE shipping Canada
Do it yourself kits here
These kits are FREE shipping Canada
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Single User Washroom Kits New Ontario Code Canada Code
Commercial Door Operator Kits
Door Swing
These kits include: With and Without Door Operator. Activation Buttons that indicate Occupied or Unoccupied, Electric strike for door locking.

First Option Listed is you have existing operator and need the Locking Kit Only.

These kits will lock and unlock the door electronically for the user and indicate that the washroom is in use.
Click Here for Door Handing
Click Here for Door Handing
Very High Quality Operator Units  that will Perform for many years to come.
Single User Washroom Emergency Indicator with Light and Audio Alarm and Signage
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