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Swimming Pool Lift Features

Swimming Pool Lift Ontario & Vancouver
Works for all types of pools,
in ground and above ground.
Also available for hot tubs, docks at the cottage
and docks for your boat.

Many Models Available

Automatic 180° Seat Turn
Powered by Water Pressure or by 24 Volt Battery
Lifts up to 400 LBS Vertical Seat Travel 42"
Installs in Deck Socket
Portable (Lift Out and Roll way)
Flip-Up Footrest Included
Can Be Padlocked in Seat-Up Position
Allows Independent Operation
It is user-operable, and its seat height is easily adjustable to accommodate various wheelchair heights. Further, it has been static-load tested to 1200 pounds. The 180° turn allows the greatest access from the deck for the user and any assistants. Side-to-side transfers are easy, the footrest flips up and the mounting arm is under the seat. This allows for un-obstructed transfer. The seat rotates forward when entering the pool, and backward when exiting the water. The standard seat has a right arm only, but a flip-up outer arm is available
Swimming Pool Lifts

Above ground pool lifts

In Ground swimming pool lifts

Cottage lake lifts for swimming
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